What better way to enjoy the desert night sky than to go stargazing.  The Sedona area is one of the best places to reveal the wonders of the night skies like few other places on earth.  Some of the best spots around Sedona to go stargazing is drive up to Airport Mesa where you can also gaze over the lights of Sedona & the stars above.  If you are in West Sedona, take a drive along Dry Creek Road.

For a taste of total darkness and amazing views of the stars is along highway 179 between the Chapel of the Holy Cross & Bell Rock….make sure you have flashlights if you are out walking.   If you would like to get a much closer look at the stars & planets, hook up with the Sedona  Evening Sky Tours  where you can view the night sky through state-of-the art telescopes with the guidance of expert astronomers.

Watch this video on YouTube.

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